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using alternative for PIC16f886

can i use PIC16f877A insted of PIC 16f886??

as 886 is not available in the market.

wat difference can be observed in their function and usage???

any comment or suggestion is welcome :)

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I took a look at this quickly for you.  These chips are not a direct swap.  If I'm reading the specs right, the PIC16F886 is 28 pin chip with 24 I/O pins, 11 ADC channels, and enhanced CCP while the PIC16F877A is a 40 pin chip with 33 I/O pins, 8 ADC channels and regular CCP.  That said, the chips are from the same Microchip PIC family and should have quite a bit in common with one another.  It all depends on what you're trying to do.

For what it's worth, the Microchip website lists the 886 as being in production and you could order directly from them.


you are right. 886 is 28 pin and 877A is 40 pin.

it is because PICAXE products are not available in this city i had to go for alternatives.

i simply mean to ask is that if i use a different microcontroller of the same family, wat differences can be observed while programming and working.??

im making the same obstruction avoider robot as given in starthere on top of this page.

well thanks for ur help and reply :)