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Power supply and mouse

Hello Everybody

I have teh most weird question (do you think so?)

Now read very very carefully because I have no idea why this happens:

Can a power supply:

Plugged in and outside its metallic box,

Render my mouse useless?

And then when plugged off let it work again?

Hard? Makes no sense?

Make the question easy:

I have the power supply thats up outside its metallic box.

When I plug it in my mouse stops working and then when I plug the supply off, the mouse works again!

Thanks in advance and sorry if I make you think tooooo hard :)

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You need to state your problem more clearly. Pictures, or a better description of what you have and what is plugged into what would help.

You are plugging your mouse into your computer, yes? What kind of mouse (USB, serial, Bluetooth, built in laptop)?

What is your power supply powering?

Wait, I just had a thought. Is your project connected to your computer via USB when you power it up? The problem may not be your power supply, but a conflict between the USB devices (project board and mouse).