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Self-transforming robot

Hello everybody!

Check out this amazing self-transforming robot if you have a couple of minutes to spare. It was designed, built, and programmed by Muhammed Hasan Shariq at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai campus.


Student robot maker


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Wow! A real transformer, i think that's brilliant. I loved the idea of having the wheels as feet..

Very interesting but the transforming from a walking robot to a robot able to overcome obstacles seems like a bit of a gimmick. The walking gate seems very ineffective and slow and it always transformes to a rolling robot when it encounters an obstacle. Seems like it would be better to just stay a rolling robot in almost all circumstances. Still a nice bit of engineering though.

walking mode is too slow but a masterpiece  it is .



i watched this video once and got inspired to build robots. I even made an obstacle detection robot. but after that i couldn't find this video :( . Now i have finally found it. can you please provide a walk through. my sincere request. Or at least if you could guide me it would be of great help. thank you :)

Love the idea man. I myself cant say it is slow or anything as i still have not received my starter kit for my first robot. It sure is a good robot. I think the best part of it is the obstacle recognition in general and the irrigular surface in particular. It might be easy for you guys but for me that is nice coding and engineering!

Well done and good job!

uknow theres a bunch of transforming robots on youtube, mostly made in japan.

though i think this is the first transformer ive seen built with functionality in mind
most of the ones ive seen on youtube are more about easthetics.

its worth a look, though imo this is way cooler.