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Driller Shark: Auger (Sumo)

Push other robots out of the ring

Hello all,

Driller Shark has been upgraded, and here are some pictures for your visual enjoyment.

The original Driller shark base.

Now souped up with a higher board mount.  Right now it looks too high, but with the sensor in place it looks fine.

New board based off the Samm version 2.

I changed the motor drivers from the MC3387 to this new one.  The part number is BD6232.  Two reasons for the switch are:  The MC3387 is obsolete and the maxon motors would trigger a shutdown state in the driver.

New sensors.  Got these off ebay from Sure electronics.  They were cheap.  The downsides of them are it doesn't give a distance reading and it is slightly slower than I would like.

Mild steel bar added for weight because I had a problem with being too light in Toronto.

Drumroll please.......  DRILLER SHARK: AUGER!!!!

Obligatory Chicken photo.


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