Let's Make Robots!

Simple rover

Navigates my kitchen floor

My second robot. Some secondhand plexi (note holes here and there) and some sort of pipe-mount-thing I found laying around that worked perfect for mounting the Fingertech Robotics motors. I am building this for fun and to learn more about Arduino. Electronics is on the way., more to come :)


4xLiteflite wheels 51mm

4xFingertech Lite hubs

4xFingertech 50:1 Gold Spark motors


1xArduino Uno

1xDual MC33887 motor driver (Pololu)

---Update 110414---

I got 1 motor running, and working on code for more control...


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all the best with your first robot :)

Thank you all, at the moment I'm reading up on how to control the motor driver and soldering some pins and wires to the motors.

Good, this is a pretty good start to build a robot. a clean chassis will make things a lot easier. please keep us updated about the progress.

CLean design, I like it. Can't wait to see it all finished!