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Google Science Fair Robot

Triggers scale mines.

  This robot was built for my google science fair entry.  The goal behind this project was to see if an inexpensive robot could trigger anti personnel mines.  For my experiment I made scale mines and checked to see if my robot could trigger them using a flailing chain on the front.  The experiment went well and I am happy with how this robot preformed.  There is a lot more information on the submission site along with a video.

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Cool. Can we see these scaled down mines as well, please? :D

but if you watch the video on the submition page you will see them.

Arh, no fun, I want to see it here! Video as well, please :)


me too!

Wow nice! Would it survive an explosion though (scaled down proportionally)?



I think thats what my next test should be though ;)

Aren't mines burried? (except for trip wire) You should try burry them less then a centimeter under the ground. This would make a much more realistic video, and maybe some firecrackers for effect :)

   Like you said the trip wire is above the ground but the prongs from the the pronged mines are also.  Usually the pressure mines are under ground but so little that it would be very unimportant to have to do for the video.  I did make all the mines flush with the ground though. 

   I like the idea with the firecrackers though. =P