Let's Make Robots!

Mental vomit from an intoxicated robo-teer


My girlfriend successfully took me out and outdrank me tonight. Forget what that says about my manhood, here I am with something to say :hiccup: :)

First, I'm sad my super tool failed me. Before I go on to the negative, let me just say, this wonder tool (the Milescraft Toolstand #1097) has changed my life. It turned my Black and Decker rotary tool into a drill press, a router, psuedo-bandsaw, and can probably do more but I'm stuck on those sweet attributes lol But it failed me with a multipurpose bit and some, eh, 1/32" (0.8mm to the rest of the mathematically reasonable world) 5052 stainless I'm guessing. It's some scrap metal from work. Too flexible to be 6062. Anyhow, Toolstand #1097 has finally met it's match. Damn. I've never seen a bit flex that much in my life.

Kids: Wear your safety glasses. Seriously.

Damn it for slowing down my progress with my LMRbot. I've never had such unwavering determination on a project before and met with so many needling and persistent hurdles. I grin at the beast and beckon its challenge. Because in the end, it will have a sweet english accent LOL Thanks again Grog!

Speaking of Grog,  I wish I could join Grog and his visual projects with the guys involved with visual processing and Mech Warfare. I curse and cheer Tyberius for posting his Giger bot. It speaks to the robot-geek-kid in me. Regardless of my affectations, some of the hardcore MW guys seem working on how to process visual data for autonomously targeting bots and grog is plugging away at rangefinding and object recognition... bah. It seems like all parties would have much to exchange :shrug: Even a thought, an errant post, is an inroad, perhaps...

And can I say, before I go head butt a pillow, that I'm glad that Make magazine has taken up LMR to spread The Good Word of hobby robotics. I miss the LMR Live Show dearly. TLIHR fills the gap. Almost. I was weened on live and silly and "like a veejay" during my friday lunch breaks so it will always have a dear spot in my heart. No knocks to the current cast and crew. It's just different. So... edited. And no shoutbox :) All the same, I'm glad the torch was picked up and carried on, if only in a reformed, polished, and easily swallowable package.

Dear reader, I feel the alcohol dehydrogenase doing its thing, taking away the fun, leaning me towards lethargy. Hey there, pillow. Youz lukin at meech??? Wannah wrestle? :hic:

I <3 LMR \o/

Editors note: The embedded vid is like The Wizard of Oz but better.

"...toting a bottle of YUKON JACK strohhhhhhhhhlled up to me and said, 'Hey son,...'"

hahahahha at 4:20, how perfect is that? SB215! Glory to the fruits and nuts of california! I broke my back and can predict the weather now, so hey son, slow down, relax hahahhaoneoneonecoughcoughhicburpahhhhhgruntmmmphzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzz...

btw the very end of the video is just some lame-o stuff added to the end. Hopefully the change is apparent. ZzZz :)

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As far as I know, the only one's who know "Existential Blues" are also familiar with Dr. Demento...

I really wish posts had upvotes cause I would upvote this till my clicker hertz!

When I was young and had to go with my parents and wait for them to get done bowling I learned about both Dr. Demento and the joy of college radio back in South Dakota on my 9v radio with a mono earplug. Ahhh, good times, good times. Probably helped me become the little weirdo I am. Thank you, doctor.

You have a vast base of general knowledge indeed, Mr. Carpenter :)

I saw this post in the morning. I'm speachless.

A view into the inner workings of JAX's mind. Sort of a carnival riding on a roller coaster, with several "smoke" breaks.

When I woke up I can't deny there was an "Oh god, what did I really write" moment. Minimal typos and my usual perversions of english grammar. I glad it only left people speechless and looking for the +1 button.

No hangover either, for those who are curious :grin:

I'm honored and touched that I was mentioned more than 3 times in this drunken rambling.

 I LOVE YOU TOO MAN ! ... oh my god, I didn't even have a beer, better go remedy that....

nice vid too... keep it real weird :)