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iPhone as a robot controller made easy.

Just finished the vb.net app for controlling my robot with an iphone. It seems it is much easier than I thought.

The connection is based on Open Sound Control. The iphone sends special messages to my laptop via wi-fi.

More information on OSC. 



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I also controlled my bot with a iPhone last week, but using a different strategy. 

I just used TeamViewer to remotely control my computer and use my application :-)

If you want you can watch the video here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26140

If I understood correctly, you were using the TeamViewer to have an actual control over the whole laptop screen and then using some kind of application (the same one you would use normally, without an iPhone) in the laptop to control the robot.

Am I right?

Yes, you are.

And the same can be done using another computer, an android or an iPad, instead of a iPhone, from anywhere on the World.

Well it seems that the same obstacle can be tackled differently.
Congratulations on a great project, mate ;)

Are you finding VB nice to use?

I don't know why, but when I tried it, I didn't like it very much and prefered to continue using processing.

Now, I'm starting with c++ and openFrameworks, which seems to be very cool :)

Since the vb.net is object orientated I really like to use it so far. But I'm only a beginner in the whole programming thing, thus I may change the language in the near future. ;)

I like the simple and clean interface of your application. It looks very nice. Now I have to add iPhone control to the to-do list for my robot :) Do I see correctly you're working on a quadruped?

Yeah, I am. My servo-replacement should arrive any day now and then I will be left with the programming part. Can't wait to see it walking ^^

P.S. I saw your quadruped, a really neat design I must say ;)

I hope you'll keep us posted with your progress :)