Let's Make Robots!

Amazing animatronics.

John Nolan showreel from 2010.

I'm not associated with this company in anyway, but thought you guys might appreciate some of the animatronic wonders they have created.

Some amazing stuff, some wierd stuff, and some stuff that I had assumed was CGI !

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I want a CNC machine, a lathe and a drill press not made in CHINA!

PS. if it's not too much trouble then a 3D printer and a laser cutter would be nice too.

Uau!  So inspiring!!!!  

Awesome to see this guy's keepin in real still. Quite a video portfolio.

Wonderful!  Beautiful!  Just makes me want MORE!

Or at least to get a chance to take one or two apart, so see how they work...  I never did out grow that phase.. :)

Yep, very cool. I'm feeling inspired now....

I agree, the baby is amazing and insourational! Thanks for the video!

This is a feast .... for new ideas... thanks for posting

Most strike_ing for me was the baby,robotic mouse trap and tree roots.