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????using the picaxe microcontroller????

hi im fairly new to all this i successfully built the SHR althought had some trouble making the robot move and the led flash at the same time? but my question is totally different.


my question is if i was to use a picaxe 08? microcontroller (maybe) could i use this to program a motor to open and close a door to a chicken coop the door slides right to so i was thinking to use the motor to drive a worm gear or a rack and pinion but i dont know what components i would need or how i would program it to time in and out could it be done with a 555 timer?


any help is greatly appreciated 


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Hit this link, http://hackaday.com/?s=chicken+coop , and come back with new questions. :)

Buried a few links in is this link, which seems to apply most directly to you. Unless you really want to control this with a Picaxe or other microprocessor, in which case you may still get some mechanical ideas from this link.

If you do use a Picaxe (or whatever), how do you want to trigger the doors to open? A timer? Light sensor? A timer could be tricky, unless you add a Real Time Clock (RTC), which sort of kills the simplicity of using an Picaxe 08. If you can be triggered by a light sensor, that's pretty easy.