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home made geiger counter

classic module
geigercount_digi01.jpg109.11 KB

i built this for fun.the tube was made by diangong factory china at year 1966.

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How much for a tube sent to 92121??? Need to check my milk and food for fallout :) Antique-nouveau is da best.

A legacy of the cold war, but the current situation in Japan tell us that Geiger counters sadly have a right of existence.

One tip: Connect the protection resistor of 100k directly with the anode of the tube. The long cable to the anode acting like a capacitor which can destroy the tube.

What a big tube!

Can you post the circuit diagram? How do you produce the HV (high volatge)?

the tube is a legacy of the cold war.

i use a pre made HV module,that is output pretty high.I have to use a pair of DW to get the tube's 400v working voltage.