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Lunchbot II


This will be my first "real" robot. I.e. my first robot with brains. My last lunchbox robot was done in a small team as part of a first year engineering course.

Lunchbot II is going to be built in little stages. Eventually I want it to be able to roam around free all my itself without supervision. Map out new areas it finds, comunicate with its peers and find its own way to a home base station to charge itself.

Right now I just want to build the H-bridge and make a program to let it drive around randomly.

One H-bridge assembled one to go. This takes ages without basic tools. I'm just grateful I have some celotape


Both H-Bridges assemble now without anything going irreversibly bad. I haven't had any luck programming a proper random number generator yet. I have an a bit one but it's a bit repetitive.



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Looks like a good start, so what parts are you using? Hope everything goes together well.

The h-bridge uses BD139 and BD140 transistors, it doesn't have any hard wired short circuit protection, that's done in code. So I'm glad I didn't blow my transistors. I didn't want to buy more. I'm a poor student.

The 16F505 is a lowend 14 pin PIC chip. Its good enough for controlling the motors and maybe a little bit more. I have 4 inputs left and I'veused up 20% of the program space.

I hadn't thought about using a disposable lunch container for a chassis. Great idea!

Can't wait to see what you do with it next :)

I got the idea off robotroom.com I like being able to throw everything in a container and jamming a lid on.

I can't wait to do something with it. But I have exams this week and next :(