Let's Make Robots!

Brainless little fellow

Is controlled with my iPhone

Hello LMR, First of all, this little guy is made just for testing purposes and to prove that my concept works. There are no revolutionary solutions in this little guy, in fact, it isn't even thinking by itself. Therefore do not expect much from it ^^  

It was made in 30 minutes only to check if everything works as planned. And, fortunately, it did. I just wanted to check if a robot could be controlled with an iPhone easily. It seems that everything works pretty well, and this control method is going to be included in every one of my future projects, no doubt about that. :)

The little fellow itself is made from a little metal box (originally made for containing plastic cards), a picaxe 28x1 project board and an xBee connected to it.

I'm using my developed iphone controller software. I wrote about it in my blog the other day.


Comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks ;)




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That's a nice small bot there.

Where did you get the motors / wheels from?

The motors are actually two TowerPro SG50 servos made for continuous rotation and I found the wheels laying around in my room, but I believe they are from my old stack of legos.

I like this bot, but how did you get it working with an iPhone? Is the phone interfaced through a computer?

The iPhone sends OSC messages to my laptop via wi-fi, then the laptop sends signals to the robot thru the xbee that's connected to my lappy.

I see, that's a slick setup :)


you should finish your little humanoid!!

i like it's chassis

you should finish your little humanoid!!

you should finish your little humanoid!!