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TV B Gone

Turns off TVs
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I have a TV B Gone from Adafruit so I just made this one to see if I could. I did however want to make one that was smaller, easier to hide, and cheaper. Since the design was open source, I started with the schematic and worked my way from there. I did not really need 4 LEDs, nor did I need some of the extra parts that were on it. So after deleting some parts and routing the board, I ended up with  what I have right now. You can download the attached files and make your own or just check the schematic out.


I ordered my PCBs from dorkbotpdx. My design is about .9 square inches. So that means it cost $4.5 for 3 boards ($1.5 each)


So I placed my mouser order which totaled $4.55 without shipping. All the little parts came in their own baggie (some in even 2). A waste of plastic, but handy i like to keep them for later use.


Here is the parts list:

1 Battery holder

2 1k resistors

1 Green LED

1 6 Pin ISCP Header

2 NPN Transistors

1 PNP Transistor

1 Push Button

1 Ceramic Cap

1 Electrolytic Cap (ended up not using it)

1 8 MHz Resonator

1 8 Pin IC Socket

1 Attiny85v


1 Different IR LED


And when assembled it looks like this


I added long wires on the LEDs and kept the battery leads long becuase I still want to try and put this is some clothing or something of the sort to hide it when in use. 

There are 2 LEDs, one is a wide angle lens and the other is a narrow angle. I do not remember which is which.


It runs on 2 rechargable AAA batteries. I thought I had ordered the battery pack with the switch on it. I guess not. 


I downloaded Adafruit's program for the microcontroller and used AVR Studio and my Pololu AVR programmer to upload it to the Attiny. I have tested it and it works fine. Here is a size comparison with it and the Adafruit one I have:


Any suggestions on what to put it in ???


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Tic-Tac box? Or the ever popular Altoids can :). Very cool, I might just have to make a couple. What has your experience with DorkbotPDX? I've heard that the service is really great, has that been the case for you? I do like the purple PCBs...

Oh yes an Altoids can would be perfect :)

Nothing but good things from DorkbotPDX. Cheap, fast, and good quality. I have used them 3 times and it has been perfect everytime. 

Well, I might just send in an order for a couple TV-B-Gone boards then, especially at that price...

Speaking of the fun you could have with these things, I was thinking it'd be hilarious to put a timer into the code so that it would transmit the "power off" code every hour or two.Then, you stick it into a really small box with some double-sided tape on the outside and stick it under one of the display counters at Radioshack. Every hour or so (like clockwork :)) all the TVs in the room go off. Maybe not terribly kind to the employees, but awfully fun!

Nice job with the design. I would love to see it in action (: lol

I will probably get a video soon to show it works, but I would love to do a hidden camera one to show the fun I have with it :)

Thanks for the link.


Your TVBgone looks cool too :)


Resident Master Woodcarver, wondering what to put it in? You should be showing US what to put it in! :) I say a component box made of dark wood with a contrasting colored (like pine or redwood maybe) Kill Button or whatever you want to call it. 

This only cultures Snake Plisskin type thinking in me, BTW. Thank you :) Very clean PCB design as well, lovely.

I know, I know. I was thinking what would be a good way to conceal it. A cool case could work too, but I was thinking something not too suspicious would be good. Maybe I am just paranoid :P

How about one of those little rubber duckies?

An LED in each eye and the switch in its squeezable body. Nobody would suspect a thing QVACK!

A highly maneuverable robot of course! One that detects TVs in airports and shopping malls.