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Do whatever you want to add on.

For using this track with timing belt as same way as I did, the robot must be under 30 pounds (As light as possible). It will be very difficult to make turn because of the ribbed lines on timing belt cause too much friction. Otherwise you must run it on very smooth floor or tile.

Update: As IG mentioned, long track make it very diffecult to turn. So I have add 3 supporting wheels on each side to lift body up a bit to reduce the contacts to the floor.

Also, I don't suggest the timing belt that I use in this post after couple tests. Straight strip going vertical make it so hard to turn, especially on carpet or none smooth flat ground. I suggest you might just cut some flat rubber sheet or if you could find the strip going side way(V-belt maybe?).

BTW, this topic is talking about the belt only. Tank still under construction.

Transmission update: Video

First of all, thanks to few guys in LMR inspired me to do this.

So I made the track:

The plate made out from Timing belt, Aluminum flat, Doubleside type and four screws as shown in pic.

Half way to be completed.

Inside the belt, small screw to prevent the slippery.

Some componments I am gonna use:

2 belt of this tooks very long time to do it by hand. 56 Alum plate need to be cut, 56 doubleside type need to be cut and stick, 112 holes need to be drilled and 224 screw on each side.

However I have test it today and it works well so far. This machine is pretty solid even me can stand on it and moving(no motor yet, just by push).

Thanks again for these guys! Hope I can post this piece on ROBOT soon.

bike chain:$10/each


timing belt: $40 for each track belt

Screws & Nuts: $10/each belt

Aluminum flat: $20


After couple months I have modified the whole thing almost all over again for better performance. I trim down the size more than half and shorten the belt 2/5 and use the fiber-carbonate on cover instead aluminum case.

The cover.

Seal the cover for waterproof.

I am using RC remote controller for now and when my arduino controller finished, i will switch back to arduino. This project will be endless since the ideas keep coming up and I want to modify it every day but basically the mobile base is done. So, maybe update after couple weeks and I will mark it as complete for now.


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Very cool hardmouse!

I really like the (lawnmower wheels??) as the drive sprockets... but it looks like the track does not quite interleave with the tire tread, so you'll be using them as drive wheels and just utilize the friction?

With those large wheels you should get some real speed :)

Wait, do the small tread nuts interleave?  That's wicked cool !  Great job !

Im making a HUGE wheeled robot now, and i think this will come in handy if i decide to add some tracks to it !

Ha, I am the other way around. After this I am gonna do big wheel robot. Keep us update to your work ;)

Reply to Gorg: Yes, that's the lawnmower wheel. I have been searching around the "HomeDepot" and "Canadian tire"(Canadian local hardware stores) for suitable tire. They are about $11 dollars/each only. Coincidentally, the small gap in between the wheel perfectly matchs the small nuts on belt that makes perfect match for Interleave. Also, the wheel is made by solid rubber so it won't cause much damage even they are not matched. Even if got damaged after while it's easy to find and replace anyway.

Now, I am making it four wheel drive too. I don't know if that make senesce for four wheel drive track but I am gonna give it a try. Always learn by doing.

just FYI, because the wheel is made by plastic in inner rim so I have to modified a bit for driving:

Sorry about chinese character cuz I have to explain to my buddies in Taiwan; which means BEFORE and AFTER modified. Inner side on top and outside at bottom. Again, the doubleside type is in both side in between metal plate and wheel to have stronger support.

If you plan on driving all 4 wheels on a tracked vehicle, you may need to use encoders to make sure that the pair of wheels on each side jive all the time since they are connected by a belt. Otherwise, you may run into issues with the tires getting tore up when they get out of sync with one another. You may have to resign yourself to manually making sure the tires stay lined up every once in a while, preferably by using sets of timing marks on the chain and wheels.

I might switch it back to 2 wheel drive. Not decided yet. In my design the length for chains in between motors and wheels are equal and so as sprockets. After few test it runs with no problem.(I was afraid the same thing you mentioned too.)

However in your opnion, will you go 4WD or 2WD? Why I change to 4WD because I want them to be balanced when moving backward and forward so it won't lean to any particular side when sudden stop or start. But when I test it in 2WD, I don't feel much difference because it's not running that fast enough to see the difference.

The other point is, I thought 4WD should be a bit more powerful but it's not. They feel the same when it moves. Correct me if I am wrong, say the total power is 1 so if I go 4WD which divide 1hp to 4 driving wheel and it become 0.25hp per each wheel. If I go 2WD, it will be 0.5hp in each driving wheel. No matter what they all equal to 1hp all toghter. I am not sure whch one is better, they seems all the same to me. (4WD might a bit heavier because of extra sprocket and chains).


Inspiring. I may have just switched gears on one of my projects... Thanks for sharing!

Those tracks look great :)

I'm about to make tracks for my next robot, so thank you for inspiration ! (I can't remember the name of the guy who made the Protos III robot with this kind of system... it's a pity he deleted everything :( )

Good luck with the robot :)



Protos III! That's it! The guy who build that robot. He delete everything? No wonder I couldn't find his info anymore. Well, I still have to thank him anyways.

Protos III was the name of his bot. His name is Calex


Loved your tracks !!