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For using this track with timing belt as same way as I did, the robot must be under 30 pounds (As light as possible). It will be very difficult to make turn because of the ribbed lines on timing belt cause too much friction. Otherwise you must run it on very smooth floor or tile.

Update: As IG mentioned, long track make it very diffecult to turn. So I have add 3 supporting wheels on each side to lift body up a bit to reduce the contacts to the floor.

Also, I don't suggest the timing belt that I use in this post after couple tests. Straight strip going vertical make it so hard to turn, especially on carpet or none smooth flat ground. I suggest you might just cut some flat rubber sheet or if you could find the strip going side way(V-belt maybe?).

BTW, this topic is talking about the belt only. Tank still under construction.

Transmission update: Video

First of all, thanks to few guys in LMR inspired me to do this.

So I made the track:

The plate made out from Timing belt, Aluminum flat, Doubleside type and four screws as shown in pic.

Half way to be completed.

Inside the belt, small screw to prevent the slippery.

Some componments I am gonna use:

2 belt of this tooks very long time to do it by hand. 56 Alum plate need to be cut, 56 doubleside type need to be cut and stick, 112 holes need to be drilled and 224 screw on each side.

However I have test it today and it works well so far. This machine is pretty solid even me can stand on it and moving(no motor yet, just by push).

Thanks again for these guys! Hope I can post this piece on ROBOT soon.

bike chain:$10/each


timing belt: $40 for each track belt

Screws & Nuts: $10/each belt

Aluminum flat: $20


After couple months I have modified the whole thing almost all over again for better performance. I trim down the size more than half and shorten the belt 2/5 and use the fiber-carbonate on cover instead aluminum case.

The cover.

Seal the cover for waterproof.

I am using RC remote controller for now and when my arduino controller finished, i will switch back to arduino. This project will be endless since the ideas keep coming up and I want to modify it every day but basically the mobile base is done. So, maybe update after couple weeks and I will mark it as complete for now.


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Tank looks great! Really smooth the treads. Inspiring me to finish my beasty :D. 

What H-bridge setup have you got there? I am currently looking at Pololu's H-Bridge drivers, but also planning on building my own H-Bridge setup. Dont know what to do. . .


I am not expert in electronic so I can't build H bridge myself, instead of that I bought a speed controller from robotmarketplace.com. It pretty expensive but it save me hell lots of time to build one.

Actually, I think 25A controller is enough which is half price. This one is 50A.

May I ask what motors do you use ?

 looking awesome when assembled.

btw  those screw heads wouldnt be a problem on indoor surface ? wont they touch to the ground ?

Good question! When you screw them tight, the timing belt is actually become a bit curve so that screw is inside of timing belt. But eventually I think it still touch the ground after while. The good thing is they are easy to replace or fix if it happens,

@LordGGHaha, that guy he had an argument with was me, (i did qoute him) although he took credit for everything (that tread system can be found by googling "homemade tank treads" and finding an abundant of results). But anyway, still a good tread system, effective and affordable.

@hardmouse What is the inner diameter of the pillow block bearing you have there? im looking for a 10mm inner but cant seem to find it. Good idea. Might use it on my tank. Thanks.



Well. i googled for homemde tank treads and came across this picture.

Nothing to do with robots, but looks pretty cool.



Woah! How do they get in there? I guess from window or sunroof. I wanna know how they put this on ownership.

It looks like the top half of the door could open...maybe

BTW. Your tracks are looking great.