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Minibloq: New graphical programming for Arduino, Multiplo and robotics



I'm working on an new graphical programming environment for Arduino, physical computing devices and robots. It's called Minibloq and, although it's not finished yet, it's possible to see something here:

I think it may be specially usefull in schools, and it may have some interesting features as well, like the following:
  • Runs completely offline and it's portable (can execute from a pendrive).
  • It's fast (C++ native program).
  • Really generates C/C++ code, compiles it and sends it to the board's flash, just with one click.
  • Wine compatible: It even runs on an OLPC XO (there are videos on the website).
  • Expandable.
  • Modern GUI, with dockable panes, zoom, key navigation, etc..
  • Made with open source tools (basically wxWidgets, MinGW, Code::Blocks, Inkscape...)
  • Once finished the v1.0 it will become open source (MIT like license, with just a limitation: non-military use).


I'm trying to finish a first public version (v0.4) for the end of the next month (waiting for a possible kickstarter one-month campaign).

Feedback is welcome! Here is a small screenshoot (a blink program):


Ah, and here are examples:







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Thank Goodness the license doesn't allow military use!  Who knows what kind of high-tech, terrible things they could unleash with this.

HAHAHA!!!  'bout right!



I’m glad to announce the new miniBloq.v0.82 version. It has a lot of improvements, and it supports the Arduino Leonardo, the new DuinoBot.v2.3 (both in HID and in CDC mode) and a bunch of robots, like the Pi-Bot (pi-bot.org), Sparki (Arcbotics), SparkFun RedBot, etc.. There is a lot of new features too: small 2D simulator for kids (miniSim), more blocks, better usability, improved performance, and a new XML backend to easily add new hardware and new blocks without recompiling anything! This last feature makes it really easy to hack, since miniBloq now can generate code not just for C/C++ Arduino-compatible boards, but also for Python and nearly any imperative/OOP language Take a look at the release post in miniBloq’s website: 




Hi! yesterday, we released the Linux native version of Minibloq:


Feedback, testing and ideas are very welcome...







Last week was released the Minibloq.v0.81.Beta, which is the first version that supports full internationalization.  Soon I will be posting about the roadmap of the project, as well as updating the documentation with the new features. Also, I hope this week to document exactly how to add complete translations to any language.

Here is the post about the release:


This is the changelog:





I forgot to say that we are needing help with translations to other languages (right now Minibloq is only in English and Spanish).

Thanks again!


I could translate it in Romanian. Contact me if you would like to. :)

Great!! Many thanks! I will send to you a message right now.



I could translate to Finnish, but you may don't need it :D