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Identify wiper motor.

Anyone can identify the positive, negative and other pins for this motor?

I tried it and B seems like common and Positive to A or C is the different direction it spins. However, the wire become a bit hot after few sec. It confused me if I did it right.

So, anyone knows spec and detail for this wiper motor? The motor is from Nissan Altima.

Thanks if anyone could help~

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This might help http://www.nthtechnologies.com/cars/articlefromray.htm

For all the wiper motors I've seen they usually have a slow and fast.. possibly park, I'm surprised the direction changed....

Did you check the resistance to common with an Ohm meter ?



Also important to know is that most wiper motors use chassis ground. This means that he metal parts of the motor case and mount are connected to ground. There may not be a separate pin for ground, since the motor connects to a car's ground through the chassis.

Thats a nasty problem i'm facing, I got 4 large ones to make a large 4X4 platform and then i realized about the ground issue.

i opened one up and realized that its nearly impossible to isolate the ground from the chassis ! Now i have to make the motors mount to the metal by using some heavy duty plastic !

Yeah. I know people have used wiper motors successfully. I saw one guy talk about isolating the ground from the case, but it sounded complicated.

Possibly some motors would be easier to modify than others.

Best car motors for robots are power window motors, not windshield wiper motors. The power window motor has 2 pins and go forward-reverse, with no ground connected to the chassis. I've used a few, had a left and right mount so you can mount them in a symetric style. Eazy to find at pull it yourself junkyard (for GTA, look at http://www.standardautowreckers.com/).