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Obstacle Avoidance
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Done. That was great. Nice kit. A few hiccups, but overall it was done pretty quickly and painlessly.

 <!--break--> A few problems I stumbled across on my way to completion: 

<!--break--> 1. Before I purchased I asked Solarbotics if the correct adaptor for the sharp sensor was included, however they shipped a general three wire harness, but don't include directions on how to solder it to the infrared sensor. I thought that was a little sly and decieving, but figured I could figure it out. 

<!--break--> 2. I was able to find instructions on how to solder the sensor and wires on solarbotics flickr website, but the wires are reversed to Fritsl's photos in the instructions. I combined the two using solarbotics soldering techniques with Fritsl's layout. Results were good. no fried sharp sensor.http://www.flickr.com/photos/solarbotics/5414555926/in/photostream 

<!--break--> 3. Assembly was smooth.

<!--break--> 4. Programming was a little bumpy, but I am a complete noob so I expected problems in my least competent area.

 <!--break--> Programming issues - Make sure your batteries are charged, if not it will not program correctly

<!--break--> - If you are using a Mac and having issues loading the program onto your PicAxe check out this function. interrupt:return I found it on MnGeeky's post and it saved me a lot of time. 

<!--break--> http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26152

Now its time to modify the settings and play with it a bit.  

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Looks good!, I had the same issue with Solarbotics and the cable for the IR sensor.  Another member on here said that Pololu has the cable.  Here is the link if your interested for next time: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/117

Have fun with your robot!

Thanks.  I saw the cable but I didn't feel like waiting around. I figured there was an acceptable shortcut to buying another copper wire.  

congratz on your first robot dont worry everyone had the same problems if not more with their first robot :)