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Arduino RC Car + Logitech Wheel and Pads




I recently got into the robotics world by getting myself an Arduino and different parts.


This first project is a RC Car fitted with a Arduino board, motor driver and bluetooth module.

Parts list:




The car is controlled through a Bluetooth Bee module and a Processing application. The Processing application picks up the data from the Logitech Wheel and Pads and sends it to the Arduino which then tells the motors what to do.


Possible updates:

Better steering. Right now the code is thrown together rather quickly.

Add backing lights and brake lights.

Get bigger RC car to fit with the arduino and control.


Video is recorded with HTC Desire, hence the semi crappy quality.

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Cool project my friend :)  I like RC controlled cars,there is a lot to do with those.  Your Logitech Wheel and Pads are very much precise too,great idea. With break lights,front lights,horn etc... will be awsome too. Will keep watching your progress,keep up :)

Heeh that's what I thought.

I nice beginner project, although the coding + bluetooth took me some time to get working.

The project will be put on hold for some time, I just did this project quickly as we have to use most of the ideas for a semester project at University. But I will come back to this idea, hopefully when I get a bigger RC car to add stuff too.