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The most advanced amateur humanoid robot project


This is the MAAHR project. MAAHR stands for Most Advanced Amateur Humanoid Robot. The goal is to design, build and program a robot which is similar sophisticated as ASIMO. The project is completely open source, everybody can participate. I'll sponsor MAAHR with 15000USD for hard-, software and logistic.

MAAHR's specifications so far:

  • 2DOF head with 2 cameras and LCD mouth
  • 2DOF main body
  • 2 x 5DOF robot arms
  • 2 x robot hand, capable to lift at least 1kg
  • 3 wheel or tracked base
  • Moving objects
  • Postures and gestures recognation
  • Speech recognation (and distinguishing sounds)
  • Synthesized voice
  • Recognizes the objects and terrain of its environment
  • Facial recognition
  • Internet connectivity

A first sketchup draft I did (arms still missing):


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I think I might be able to help with Chickens or Software... whatever seems to you as more appropriate.

If I want a chicken, I go to KFC. Software seems much more appropriate :)

That's too bad... they are really good chickens !

Now I know what has inspired you to your new hairstyle:

Any thoughts about MAAHR's main brain?

Aren't we cute !

Brain ? ....  It needs Brain(s) ... or if not Brains it need connectivity, which is probably even more important.

The best price ratio to performance would be an off the shelf PC with wireless connectivity - if you connected to the internet, you don't have to be smart... you just google things, and that gives you the appearance your smart... 

I would hook a fast, wireless, small form factor pc to it (if you want it to be small) - run Linux on it with MRL - so the PC does all the higher processing stuff, and coordinates all the micro-controllers...  Again, if its wireless, then it can suck info off of google maps or some other relevant place to do "cool" things, in addition it could then be controlled via internet of course...


Yes, interesting idea to use the internet as a brain and I also like the idea controlling the robot via internet.

Sounds good!

I have a few suggestions, this is what I have in mind for a butler robot I want to build:

- Modularity. Each sub-assambly should be functional stand alone, by getting commands through some interface and reacting to external stimuli. Ex. an arm, a head, etc. are such sub-assemblies. If one breaks, it's easy to replace without disturbing the whole.

- An internal communication interface, probably the best being I2C (or CAN). I2C seems easier and we need it for some sensors anyway. It would be interesting to have several I2C networks, like a local one and a general, high speed one, (if needed).

- Multiple power modules, perhaps one in each sub-assembly, all re-chargeable from the main power supply, and that one from a charging station. Li-Po batteries seem the best way to go, fast charging and light weight. Perhaps keep all micros and sensors on 3.3V from a single cell Li-Po, with local voltage boosters for 5V sensors (for instance, GP2D12 asks for 5V power, but the max output voltage is 2.5V, easily readable with a 3.3V system). Ideally, each sub-assembly should have it's own power, good for a limited time without the main power supply.

Servos and motors will need more voltage, perhaps directly from the main power supply? Not sure yet...

That's it for now, I'll let others speak their mind...

I can't wait to follow this on LMR(and maybe even be a little part of the group.)  I would love to find a little thing I could help with.  I think I would be best with mechanics and/or the internet site.

Thanks JBTK.

Just tell me all in which workgroups you want to be. Every workgroup should have minimum 3 to 4 members. For internet precense maybe less. I'll join electronics and mechanics :)

mechanics and the internet presences, but my best spot would be mechanics.  I can just do enough coding to get by and then I have only a little experience with electronics.  But in mechanics I thrive.  I think that could be my spot.  Maybe we should start a forum thinking up ideas.