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The most advanced amateur humanoid robot project


This is the MAAHR project. MAAHR stands for Most Advanced Amateur Humanoid Robot. The goal is to design, build and program a robot which is similar sophisticated as ASIMO. The project is completely open source, everybody can participate. I'll sponsor MAAHR with 15000USD for hard-, software and logistic.

MAAHR's specifications so far:

  • 2DOF head with 2 cameras and LCD mouth
  • 2DOF main body
  • 2 x 5DOF robot arms
  • 2 x robot hand, capable to lift at least 1kg
  • 3 wheel or tracked base
  • Moving objects
  • Postures and gestures recognation
  • Speech recognation (and distinguishing sounds)
  • Synthesized voice
  • Recognizes the objects and terrain of its environment
  • Facial recognition
  • Internet connectivity

A first sketchup draft I did (arms still missing):


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Thanks for the distinction..

I'm pretty inexperienced with ARM based architecture..  I was thinking in cost, but my situation is probably different, I have business associates who have "upgraded" their laptops with the latest version of MS Office. Once they realize their computer is 20 x slower due to this software behemoth, they get a new laptop and ask me to move all their stuff.  In the process I buy the "cast off" at a very large discount...  Sadly, there is a lot of churn in American business for laptops, so I thought I'd like to give them new life..  

Your link reminded me of how much I wanted to get one of those mini/micro/pico-atx boards...    I think they would be GREAT !

The ARM architecture might be great, but my lack of experience concerns me .. also threads like this for Chumby http://forum.chumby.com/viewtopic.php?id=177 

So I would suggest a X86 platform - specifically if its new hardware for a bot, a mini/micro/pico ATX board.  That way people who are interested in robotics but not willing to buy new hardware can play or tests parts of it on a regular computer/laptop.

Now which one?  I think they are all awesome, but I have rarely "shopped" for hardware....  But for comparison this is what I use when developing.  My OS sees it as a dual core "Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz"  I have 2G memory, run MRL through eclipse debugger, and have a full blown virtual box VM running another development rig on windows simultaneously in addition to around 240 other processes.  Lots of memory is always good :)  

I'd trust Ro-Bot-X or TH to pick out something really awesome.




I suggest main body, back side, a laptop drawer:

Nice idea, but heavy and still requires more power than a similar SBC and a screen.


Look at this site:


Agreed, Ro-Bot-X.

I disagree, until the "Function" is revealed.

Alright, I would concede to a mini, micro, or pico-atx

Ha, I bought a micro-PSU from there !

Nice head, I like it. I have a few questions regarding the functionality.

1. Do we need pan/tilt for both the head and the cameras?

2. Do we need to converge/diverge the cameras for distance measurement?

3. Do we need a working, movable mouth like in the above picture? Or we show it on a small 3" display? Keep in mind that servos make noise while moving, a robot that talks while seros move is a bit anoying. 

4. Do we want facial expressions? Eye lids, etc?

I think we need pan/tilt for cameras and head to following moving objects properly. 3" display instead of moveable mouth is fine for me. More facial expressions in my opinion we don't need.

What about this mouth project, is it good enough or we want more sophistication?


We want more sophistication :) Should be a display, mouth moving realistic to speech, a mouth and two moving eyes can express a lot of emotions.