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The most advanced amateur humanoid robot project


This is the MAAHR project. MAAHR stands for Most Advanced Amateur Humanoid Robot. The goal is to design, build and program a robot which is similar sophisticated as ASIMO. The project is completely open source, everybody can participate. I'll sponsor MAAHR with 15000USD for hard-, software and logistic.

MAAHR's specifications so far:

  • 2DOF head with 2 cameras and LCD mouth
  • 2DOF main body
  • 2 x 5DOF robot arms
  • 2 x robot hand, capable to lift at least 1kg
  • 3 wheel or tracked base
  • Moving objects
  • Postures and gestures recognation
  • Speech recognation (and distinguishing sounds)
  • Synthesized voice
  • Recognizes the objects and terrain of its environment
  • Facial recognition
  • Internet connectivity

A first sketchup draft I did (arms still missing):


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Yes, interesting idea to use the internet as a brain and I also like the idea controlling the robot via internet.

What do you have in mind Markus?

In the future we all might have super-rep-rap machines where we can send each other part files over the internet and all of us contribute to make a super-bot....   oh wait didn't TH give Pat M. a gcode file...  hmmm... the future seems very close...

Software can certainly be easy to transport....  it usually does not weigh very much...

For the software we have internet, for the hardware UPS etc., but I could do all machining here in China.

How big should it be?

What should it do to make it advanced?

Finally: What can I do to help? :)

Hi TH,

No clue about the size now, maybe 150 cm

It should be able to perform at least the same tasks as ASIMO (except climbing stairs)

You can help to design and build MAAHR. I am considering following work groups:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Programming
  • Internet presence

MAAHR will be unveiled in a New Year's LMR live show 2012, serving champagne and light off fireworks :)

15000USD to spend?

sign me up !

What kind of Klingon drone thing is that? Oh,it's just a suggestion of put together different projects? I like that. When do you guys start? I wish I could join in, but my skills are limited and the budget is low.

The start budget is 15000USD

Sorry, I meant my budget.