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Servo improvement suggestions

Improves servos for robotics

Most servos are still made for radio controlled models not for building robots. If you want to mount servos in a different way, you need to buy or build brackets and if you need to build a pan/tilt unit or a robot arm joint etc., you need to buy or build special brackets too. Dear vendors, how nice it would be if we would have at least a cheap standard servo like shown below. Just two little new toolings...

The M3 thread on the reinforced bottom side can be used for mounting purposes (maybe a second one can be added) or you can screw in a M3 screw and use this screw as an axle extension for the servo horn shaft (easy pan/tilt construction, you only need a U-shaped mounting bracket).

Some application examples:


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It's easy to cut the brackets off, but it's difficult to add them ;)

It might be not useful for your chopstick spider but for many other applications. Therefore I would not call it "not very universal".

I'd go as far as to say "Totally universal"!

(At least more universal than the existing crap mounts!)

Instead of trashing the old molds, why not just have an alternate primary mold?  One with the traditional top mount holes, and another with side holes.  If someone needs one over the other, they can buy their servo, and swap the case to fit their needs later.

The servo housing consists normally of 3 toolings: Top(with traditional top mount holes), middle housing, and bottom. That's why I wrote you only need two new toolings. The top you can keep like it is.

Nice work, Markus!!

I vote yer!!! How can we take this to a higher level, I wonder? :)

.. and after writing this, in fact, I will go work on a projec, where I have a(nother) servo-mounting problem :)

I am working in the power tool business in China and know what toolings cost. A tooling for a new battery pack housing for a cordelss drill costs around 2500 bucks. Such a small tooling for a servo costs not more then 400-600 bucks. If you have the quantity, the factory will bear the tooling costs.

Wouldn't be easier and more feasible if one makes an external housing (something with thin walls - but strong anough) with mounts that you can slide over the servo casing? Or that can replace the middle part in the servo housing? I know different servo manufacturers use different case sizes, but still, would it cost that much to make?

I think in general it's time to overthink the servo construction. It's an old design, made for RC models, but in the meantime it became very popular in hobby robotics with different needs.

Not more easier and more feasible in my opinion. Then you can use the already available servo brackets. My suggested servo modification can be used for RC models and robotics. A few hundert bucks for a new tooling is nothing, how many million servos are sold every year...

Right, they need a new injection molding mold for the middle part of the servo and another one for the bottom, to add the reinforcement for the threaded hole. Will they be interested to make them? We will not buy the servos if they get over $10... But if this adds $2 to a $5 servo I'll use it.

The servo price should be the same as before :)