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Improves servos for robotics

Most servos are still made for radio controlled models not for building robots. If you want to mount servos in a different way, you need to buy or build brackets and if you need to build a pan/tilt unit or a robot arm joint etc., you need to buy or build special brackets too. Dear vendors, how nice it would be if we would have at least a cheap standard servo like shown below. Just two little new toolings...

The M3 thread on the reinforced bottom side can be used for mounting purposes (maybe a second one can be added) or you can screw in a M3 screw and use this screw as an axle extension for the servo horn shaft (easy pan/tilt construction, you only need a U-shaped mounting bracket).

Some application examples:


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The servo housing consists normally of 3 toolings: Top(with traditional top mount holes), middle housing, and bottom. That's why I wrote you only need two new toolings. The top you can keep like it is.

It's easy to cut the brackets off, but it's difficult to add them ;)

It might be not useful for your chopstick spider but for many other applications. Therefore I would not call it "not very universal".

I'd go as far as to say "Totally universal"!

(At least more universal than the existing crap mounts!)

Good timing. I am meeting a servo factory boss tomorrow about your Rhex servo. The big problem is the cost of a new mold Vs number of sales. Your suggestion is not very universal. If I was using your design for Chopsticks I would be cutting those mounts off. A sealed threaded hole on the same Axis as the output shaft is a good idea.