Let's Make Robots!

Enter the MAKE Volume 27 Robot Contest!

Make: Magazine is running a contest for robots which demonstrate the most character, what will you enter?


From Make: Online;

"Here at headquarters, we’re cranking on producing the next issue of MAKE, Volume 27, themed Robots! What better way to celebrate than to host a fun, simple robot contest? We liked the open-endedness of our Volume 26 Karts and Wheels Contest (must have wheels and carry a person), and the cool, creative entries we got as a result (Bike Buh Que, anyone?). Robots can have so much character, so we decided to make the ruling criteria of this contest most entertaining. Let your robot’s character shine! Why did folks adore Wall-E? His personality, of course. And since robot personalities come through best in action, submitting a video of your new friend is mandatory."


More information @ http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/04/enter-the-make-volume-27-robot-contest.html

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May 13th. I can do it. My bot's got a little bit of character! Thanks for the FYI, Dan-san.

I am in too, but don't know if I can finish my MAKE robot in time

Congrats to OddBot, and also to RobotGrrl, who nabbed one of the three 'runner up' positions.

Damn well done!