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The robot the WASP v2.0 [the Security complex]


All greetings!

I wish to share with you mine the project. Last year I have started to work with this theme, - to develop the automated complex for protection перриметра industrial or private constructions.

Functions of this robot consist in district patrol on colour маячкам. At detection of extraneous object in territory the robot should lift (and or) alarm. At functionality of the robot there is a function of definition of the person on the chamber.
At detection of object the robot should follow it on how many it probably. Also the security guard who is somewhere in the box, can take over control the robot on itself.

As alarm function looks: On the robot there is a GSM-alarm system. At object detection the set of any number begins, or message СМС is sent. On the robot it is established also sound серены.

As function of management by the robot far off looks: on the personal computer охранны the package програмного the maintenance necessary for communication with the robot is established. The special terminal program on C # is for this purpose written.

At present I develop, I add something new in the project. Also I wish it to test in field conditions. Probably already one of these days...


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to develop the automated complex for protection перриметра industrial or private constructions. = ...for the protection of the perimeter of  industrial or private constructions

 серены= alarm?

personal computer охранны = personal security computer

програмного = ? (google fails and so do I)

klassnaya shtuka. Prosti ya latinskimi bukvami pishu

програмного is Russian word (Slavic) which means software.

(If you sound it out, you can see the first part is "program")

Quite right
My error, - has not added the letter "m": program =)