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Anyone knows where to get joystick component like RC remote controller

Anyone knows where to get joystick component like RC remote controller? Not PS2 type of joystick.

Thanks for any info.

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Buy a cheap controller. Right now, hobby king has a 4 channel transmitter (two sticks) for $24. That's $12 per joystick and they are brand-new. Just rip them out.

plus he gets the rc gear inside ! 2.4ghz as well ! so its a good option all in all !

Sounds like a good idea! Thanks!

I found this arcade-style one (3" x 3.5") and have been trying to figure out how to add it to anything I'm building:


It's a Californian company but I thought I'd throw that out there. Maybe a little overboard but it looks so rugged.

I think we are all assuming that we all know the difference between analog and digital. Just to be sure.

The joystick that Jax is showing, and an Atari are on/off push buttons --digital. The RC transmitter has sticks with potentiometers --analog. Neither is better or worse, it all depends on your application.

Just wanted to catch a simple (potential) mistake before you ordered anything.

By the way, on most RC (airplane style) transmitters I have taken apart, the joysticks themselves usually come out as one, stand-alone peice. Easily remountable. Not to say that super-cheapie from hobby king will be like this, but I would be surprised if it were not.

Off the subject, I want that joystick Jax! I have no idea what I would use if for, but I want it. If I had a coffee table, I would mount it right in the center and use it to change channels on the TV.