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Lunatix - Sumo 500g class

Sumo fighting

My entry to Robot-SM in Sweden, Gothenburg 2009 in the sumo 500g class. Since it was my first robot based on a kit from CRF (Chalmers Robot Förening) I saved it as a nice memory. I finished dead last :) but it does not matter it was very fun! My main sensor died in one of the first matches and I got some help with the code and disconnected the sensor and continued the matches with a "digital head on tactic", which got me one game win :) The hardware was built in my kitchen with a cutter some sheetmetal and a piece of plastics, for more weight I used some Danish coins and glued them on until I reach 498g!

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at least you entered and had a good time doing it. That's what it's all about! Congratulations on getting to the competition!

Yes it was a fun experience, I went to the Swedish championchips this year just to watch and some of the robots on LMR were there! Some for the games and some for show.

But my daughter was more in to the animals next door (the championschips were held at Universeum which also has an aquarium and a indoor jungle with free running monkeys) so I missed a lot of the matches but still I saw some :)