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Arduino + SSC-32 servo controller for beginners

As a beginner I was having trouble to figure out how to hook up SSC-32 with arduino to create multi legs robot. Looking around all forum for solutions and sample but no luck. Finally, this site helps me a lot for setup and sample code here:


It's simple just to connect RX from SSC-32 to TX on Arduino, gound to ground and there you go!

In case they move the page the sample code is here:

void setup() {

void loop() {
   move(1, 2000, 100);
   move(1, 1000, 100);

void move(int servo, int position, int time) {
   Serial.print(" P");
   Serial.print(" T");

FYI, for SSC-32 servo controller you can get it from DFROBOT which we can get LMR discount.

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sorry guys but  i see the led blinking but the servo doesn't move:( what is the problem? i powered the vs1 with a 9v battery, connect rx to tx and powered arduino. what's wrong?

Did you connect the two grounds together?

yes i connect the ground from ssc to arduino. led leds are blinking when the bords receives data, but the servo doesn't move. i tryied to use the lynx term to see if the ssc was broken , but it works fine.

Glad you figured it out, SSC-32's are great for robots! :D

I made a SSC-32 Arduino library a while ago, maybe it will be of use to someone. It's on Github here: https://github.com/RobotGrrl/Arduino-SSC32

Wow, fantastic! Thanks~

So the servo controller takes care of moving the servos to designated positions in the time you specify? That's cool, although I think it could be done just with the software or does it have any other special purposes as well? I'm not using any special controllers at the moment with my quad walker, but I might change my mind and order one if I'll hit any roadblocks. :)

Oh I see the specs now... looks like it does bring some goodies to the table... :) And not too expensive. I will definitely order one sooner or later, looks quite useful, the group moves and increased precision... sounds nice.

Yes, I build one of those Phenix 6 leggers which is using this board and it works amazing, very smooth. Again, I am not expert in this field but a hobbist. This is very useful for me so I think it's good idea to share out to people like me. Usually forum is not so friendly and even some experts willing to share but it too diffecult for me to understand.