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Experimental Robot Platform

So this is my E.R.P. I'm first starting out with this kit, DFrobotshop Rover. The actuall base is the pcb, which is a creative idea. The microcontroller is an arduino and it comes built in with a tempature sensor and light sensor. It has six blue leds that around the robot. It also has a built in motor controller, using the l293b chip. I plan on using this robot to practice my programming. I also bought an analog reflectance sensor array from pololu. You can find it here http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/960. I solder the board and tested it out and it works!! I'm going to mount it somewhere on the frame, facing the ground. 


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Hello bro! LOL~

LOL did you get a shield for it?

Yeah, kinda multi function shield. External power for servos, I2C, UART and XBee etc.