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MRL - Facedetect


This is a forum post for Gareth, or others experiencing troubles with mrl .  TinHead noticed that the myrobotlab-0001/haarcascades directory was missing so I uploaded a new myrobotlab-0001.zip to http://code.google.com/p/myrobotlab/downloads/list additionally a new myrobotlab.jar should be dropped in (version 0001.0455) 

I believe TH got it working on Linux (ubuntu?) yay !  Gareth got the new version to work on windows 7 (after copying the dlls to system32 (yuk))  Yay!  But facedetect blew up for him.

I fired up the XP - VM and got a "runtime error" the first go around, then after restarting virtual windows - It worked (Yay!)

Oh, also something I noticed with facedetect.  It's one of the more cpu intensive filters - but using PyramidDown can help.  
PyramidDown reduces the resolution.  It changed processing times down from ~600 ms down to 100 - 200 ms.  The loss of detail can help the algorithm too.

Pic 1. - MRL on Java on Windows on VirtualBox on Fedora  ... Holy Shmack ! - anymore layers I'll need hipboots :D




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... actually Funtoo ;) Ubuntu never works out. I also use Archlinux but did not get to try on it.

There must be a way to select the resolution of the webcam when initialising it from java, it should improve things a lot instead of running filters to scale it down.

After applying as you suggested the pyramid filter down x2 ... then face detect..... all works fine using windows 7

However there are no parameter sliders (on any of the filters) - do i have to invoke an extra service - im just invoking the OpenCV service and pointing the the camera to pin 0

I am also intruiged by the colour average filter - WoW....

Although strange ... i wouldn't think pyramid would affect the windows 7 runtime (hmmmm)

No sliders ? - ya ... working on that - there should be stuff for the InRange filter which goes with the HSV tutorial here

I think - Canny and Threshold have gui's - still working on the rest...

AverageColor ... uhhmm ... been awhile... let's see...  It divides the video frame into a grid, averages each square, then "tries" to print the "color name"  ...  The target green square is an average with the data in the left hand corner...  needs work..

If your creative elves needs something let me know...

Right now I'm trying to do quick inRange color detection of many/multiple targets...