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Dead Servo?

I was working on my first robot and it looks like my servo just died.  One works and one doesn't when I swap the two, the "dead" one doesnt work with the "good" hookup.  Are servos that delicate?  Its a GWS continuous rotation servo.  Was working fine, then ran for a while with a wierd ground, then nothing.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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a weird ground?


I now realize that weird ground was actually weird grind(ing) rather than some manner of strange ground connection.

Here is more detail

I am driving two servos with an arduino.  I have separate power going to the servos and just the digital output coming from the arduino.  I could not figure out why, to drive even one servo, I had to have both signal wires plugged into the arduino.  Then I finally realized that I had no ground connection between the power and the arduino.  I am surprised it worked at all.  Anyway, the whole time I was running them they seemed slow and sluggish.  Then once I connected the power ground to the arduno ground everything ran normal, but the one servo was completely dead.  It will "jump" when first plugged in, but then nothing. 



Well, if you have fried the servo, save it. You can use if for spare parts if another servo strips its gears. Of you can tear out the busted electronics and just use it as a nice little gear motor. OR you can look at some of the servo replacement boards (some of them offer really nice features) and just replace the electonics.

In any case, before declaring it dead, try a few things.

First, check the servo for any physical damage. I recently pinched a servo cable in a pan/tilt mechanism and shorted the wires. Once the short was removed all was well again.

Try testing it with a very simple sweep program and simple connections to eliminate any weirdness to your setup.