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about arduino-uno

how many time i transfer i transfer program to the arduino-uno board via usb cable.

i have using arduino-uno. i program to drive two DC motor, intially it work sucssesfully. But after transfering program 20 time, same program is not executed for both motor. the program is loded sucssfully which indicated on screen.

plz help me. i am waiting for u.............!

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They may be dead.

How are you connecting the motors to the duino ?

Are you using a motor driver chip?

i have connect the my motor driver L293D as enable pin to pin-9 of arduino. make it HIGH throught of program. now i also connect pin-9 and pin-16 of L293D to +5V supply comming out from arduino board.then connect 12v external supply to drive motor through pin-8 of L293D.All GND of battery and one GND out from arduino is connect together. i have show my circuit as

the left side of motor is drive through pin-3,4 by arduinoand these pin is connect pin-2,7 of L293D. the right side of motor is drive throuhg pin-5,6 by arduino these pin is connect pin-10,15 motor is connect through pin-3,6 & pin-11,14. these all pin are direct connect to arduino. this is my all circuitry. is any wrong connection or there are problem in arduino/L293D.