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4/25/2011 - Got bored over the weekend and since I had some 22-gauge steel, modified servos and a set of wheels laying around I decided to start another mini-sumo robot. Not sure what processor to use yet. I have a BS2px module and an Arduino Duemilnove in my parts box, but I really like the uBotino. I guess I'll have to get some sensors together before I have to make a decision, so here are a couple of pics of the progress so far. 

Parts on hand

I borrowed some design elements from some sumos I've seen on the net.here is what I ended up with after a couple of hours effort. Just needs some paint and the rest of the parts.

Test fit chassis parts

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Great looking! I would sugest using *duinos cause then you get faster interrupts from the sensors.

Thanks!. The uBotino is pretty handy and small enough to fit withing the confines of a mini-sumo. Although, I am eye-balling the uServotino.

If it is any help in making your decision, I have posted a series of reviews that includes both the uBotino and the uServotino.

Both are excellent. I would say it comes down to your motors. Since you are using continuous rotation servos, then the uServotino makes sense. If you were using normal DC gear motors, the uBotino would be perfect for you.

Or get one of each and play. ; j

And if I might say, great job! I already have one mini-sumo running a uBotino with DC gear motors and it's perfect for the job. I like it a lot. I would like to put the uServotino in this robot. I'm just waiting for Ro-Bot-X to work through the issues he's having with the production run so I can get a kit from him. Hopefully that will be within the next month or so.