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Giant servo kit

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Oatley electronics is based in NSW, Australia and sell a good range of picaxe IC's, motors and motor controllers etc.

The Giant servo kit allows you to turn large motors into servo's that can be easily controlled with picaxe basic's servopos command. WARNING, the kit is a bag of parts and instructions. You must solder it yourself.

There is a higher powered FET version available for $10 more  K161B


K165B - GIANT SERVO KIT  - This kit is a servo with the same IC but has a beefed up transistor output.  Feedback is still by a pot which is supplied in the kit

K161B - FORWARD / REVERSE R/C SPEED CONTROLLER KIT  - FET version, more expensive but can handle higher currents without a heatsink.

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Unfortunately the specs aren't that good and I've told em as much.  I check the specs that came with the kit, they say 12V but that's because a 16V electrolytic is supplied with the kit for c9. Should be able to handle as much as 30V by changeing that capacitor to a 35V or higher.  Similar specs for the fet version.  Once again, change one capacitor (c12) to increase the voltage rating.
These look like they could be fun to try. I've thought about working with one of these, or trying a mechanical solution from Servocity using regular servos. It looks like both the K161B and K165B use FETs, just the K161B subs IRF4905 P-channels for the MPT2955 P-channels. And probably a different circuit board for the K161B since it says up to 4 Ps and 4 Ns on it. I'm guessing since it's Ps over Ns with what appears to be simple drive transistors, they spec this at around a 10 to 15 volt supply? Is that about right? Would be good if they had a few specs on the devices.
Too much to ask for a link?
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