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How to build a basic transformer robot

Please feed me every single bit of data you people have on this . 

thank you :)

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You should provide some more information on what you are after, and what your level of experience is. A transforming robot is a complex build both mechanically and from a software perspective.

This page shows a video of a transforming robot. This was not done by someone on this site, but as a major university project.

Frits issued an iTake me apart challenge a long while ago, but no one was really able to rise to the challenge.

If you are a beginner, I would strongly recommend that you put this idea aside for now and begin with the Start Here robot. Trust me, it will be fun and you will learn a lot. Maybe enough to take you on the next step to a more complex robot. Perhaps one day you will be the first to post a transforming bot on this site.

Firstly thanks a lot. secondly i finished the start here robot 15 days back and want to do something better for my final year project.

I just want to know the mechanism behind a transforming robot, the hardware part of it. il provide a link which has a transforming robot video in it. do view it . 

thank you again.

OK. In future, it would make your post more informative if you would provide info like this right up front. Just asking for "all" the information on "transforming robots" is a very vague question.

If you view the video you posted on YouTube itself, you can see the creator's notes, which include what processor he used, etc. He also lists his email, if you want to contact him.

In my earlier reply, I linked to a post with this very video. There are some comments from other LMRians on that post you might find interesting.

Other helpful info would be what is your budget, and do you have access to a machine shop to help fabricate custom brackets.

We only know what you tell us. So help us help you.

sure i l try to provide as many info as possible in the future :)

and the budget would be around 600 dollars, may i know who are lmrians and why are they called so?

Thank you for the reply :)

LMR = Lets Make Robots

LMRians = All of us.

 :) ok :)

Thanks for the video, it is very interesting to watch :)

To answer your question, I don't think this one is very complex (technicaly speaking) : a basic sensor and a few servos. We can't see in this video if any intelligence is implemented : does the robot adapt to the obstacle in front of it or is it "scripted" for each scene of the video ?

The most difficult task, I think, is to make the robot able to adapt itself to encountered obstacles. Of course, a very good modelisation is required for such a robot, and a lot of time ;)

It blew me off, when i watched it. Im commensing my electronics engineering in the 3rd year. tried a lot but didnt strike as to what he has done. Thanks for boosting me by telling that it aint so difficult :) i want to do something of this sort for my final year project. 

thanks for the information. will try hard to crack it. do fill me in if any update is found. 

Thank you :)

If you`ve made the start here robot then you should know what servos, batteries, sensors and microcontrollers do.

Making a transforming robot is just about using your imagination and extra parts.

Im an electronics student and yeah i know about them pretty well. but i dnt know the mechanism behind transformation, yeah i know he used servos but still it isnt striking exactly. 

thank you for your reply, would look forward for more help :)