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PolyMorph Workshop 7 - How to "Glow" your own PolyMorph

This Tip/Walkthrough shows you how to make :-

"Glow in the Dark" PolyMorph

This stuff is real fun to play with and it infects the whole family.

First get some Phosphorescent Pigment - here you see a 25 gramme sachet - thought the labeling is a bit suspect

25 grammes will go a long way.

For this walkthough i will be using just 3 grammes of Pigment

and 9 grammes of fresh white PolyMorph pellets

Drop the PolyMorph into hot water 80°C is my preferred temperature, until it goes clear.

With a Swiss Army MacGyver knife spread it over flat "DRY" PolyMorph, or smooth it with a finger

They fold and knead, fold and knead, fold and etcetcetc

Be sure to clean your hands and fingernails well afterwards otherwise they will glow - trust me .......

That is the process - all you need to do now is to use your creativity.

Emerging project :- Megan 40

What will the neighbours say when these "FireFlies" start pulsing in my palm trees.

One 08M picaxe can drive 3 Pwm controlled UltraViolet Leds (ive got 6 spare 08Ms :-)

Brians Shell....


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Where did you get the UV laser from?

      I let you into a secret i discovered, distributors are not aware that they are selling UV lasers ...... they sell them as just purple/blue lasers...... just be sure of the wavelength they quote (the one i have is 405nm)...... i had mine from dealextreme (shhhhhh before they twig) along with some UV leds

Wow this is awesome! Will have to give it a try some time! Nice work

Nice work and video. Let it glow, Gareth :)

That's awesome, love the fireflies idea ! So simple, yet so effective =)

Rocket Brand... For the Win!!

My MacGyver Swiss army knife also glows now, as well as my fingernails and bathroom floor.