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Picaxe 08M IR Computer transmitter

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Hey guys, This is my latest project that I thought I would put up on the site to maybe give a little inspiration! What I have made is IR transmitter that I can hook up and use my GUI that I create in Visual Basic 6. Inside the little black box is a Picaxe 08M.


How it works.

1. VB6 program sends out 1 character through serial (picaxe cable) to the transmitter

2. Picaxe 08M inside the transmitter receives the serial character and decides what IR variable to send out.

 3. Transmitter sends out the IR variable.

 4. Project receives the IR command and performs the required action.

 This setup only allows one way communication but suits what I have planned for future projects. At the moment on my setup I only have one IR led but plan on adding more in future to give it a wider viewing angle. At the moment I have to make sure the transmitter is pointing in the projects direction.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Thanks guys!

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I will definately check that one out. Looks like I will help me out a lot! Thanks ignoblegnome!

Wow, sorry 'bout that... I thought I had read all the comments (I usually do) before commenting. I had no intention of rubbing any noses into anything. Sorry.

But yeah, flip that bad-boy over.

Yeah lol, when I look at it now, it really does make a lot more sense to solder to the copper pads!

Behringer mixer in the background!!

Its a EuroRack UB1202 to be exact!


That one there is actually a yamaha mw8cx, awesome awesome unit! I would not trust a behringer in my setups ;)

Almost identical to my mixer. The color of the knobs, main slider, all the little "tape to..." buttons. Coulda sworn...

I will say this though, Behringers are super-duper awesome...   ...when they are free from a guitar buddy...