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K243 High power reversable speed controller

Vendor's Description: 

This kit is suitable for 10V to 30V motors. At 24V it can be used to power motors up to 500W, or up to 1KW when an additional four MOSFETs are added. The kit can be controlled by a single potentiometer or a 1-2mS pulse. Kit includes PCB and all on board components.

This is the speed controller used for BoozeBot's 24V 100W skid steer motors. The kit is capable of driving motors up to 500W @ 30V. For an extra $10 you get 4 additional FET's that increase this rating to 1KW.  Can be controlled like a servo directly from a radio control reciever or picaxe IC.  Can also be controlled by analog voltage or the supplied pot making it very versatile.  Great for automating the lawnmower!

Oatley's product  page

Warning - surface mount FET's supplied, mounted on the back of the board. Suggest using solder paste or some other low temperature solder to prevent heat damage.  All other components are normal.

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Thanx for the help.  I haven't worked out how to do everything on this site yet.

I tried to get the url to the product page or webshop to show up in the little box with the price in it. Failed. So I prettyfied the main text.