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Aquarduino - The remote controlled aquarium(Arduino inside).

Hello everyone ..

(I transfered this one on the blogs area )

The idea of a remote controlled aquarium and generally the control of it using a common pc has been wandering in my mind .

So I decided to start making one .

The idea is to have a common aquarium that can be controlled remotely(the feeding process,information) through the internet hopefully .

The information the user will get through the page I will make for the project is : Ph level and temperature of the water 

Furthermore  a web camera will be placed on a pan-tilt mechanism that the visitor can handle through a buttons form I will make .

I was hoping to put a wii camera on the top of the aquarium inorder to see how many fish are alive but fish are cold-blooded and this one cannot be done .Then I thought something else .When I want to see how many fish are alive I will light some ir leds and the wii cam will see where the ir light reflects on ,though I dont know if this can happen because ir light reflects on water too.

Thats all for the first version .

I have started building the whole thing 2 weeks ago.

The feeding mechanism is ready and now Im working on the 2 surfaces all the electronics and the servos,etc will be placed on .

Below you can see a rough sketch  I made in Google Sketch up  8 to show you how it will look like .

The aquarium will be spherical though in the sketch is a cube because I coudn't make a sphere .


Any suggestion on what to use for internet connection and ph measuring ?

(electrode is needed for sure)

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I didn't see anything about ph measuring,he just mentions it .

Thanks for the link anyway...