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Croc Pop-ons using Glow PolyMorph

Croc Pop-ons using Glow PolyMorph




Tip: To make flat and even PolyMorph

place it between two BBQ sticks and

roll it with a rolling-pin.




You can make your own Glow-PolyMorph here:

"Glow in the Dark" PolyMorph








How to make "Trivots ©"











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cool well done, are you really that small?

kiddo good job! :)

Yes, but I`m big enough to design things like these :-).

Hi Tobias,

Welcome to the club. You had me holding my breath untill the final pictures. Wondering what croc pop-ons are! Now I know they are not some Swiss brand of breakfast cereal. ;-)

Wow, I`m impressed that you could hold your breath for two minutes.

Hey, Tobias. You are a very talented person!

Nice walk through, great video, and you even performed your own music.

Thanks for the compliment.

Very descriptive, fun and practical. You have given me the ability to find my shoes in the dark with fun shoe Bling!  
Great soundtrack too, keep it up \o/