Let's Make Robots!

Greetings from a newcomer

Howdy all.

I don't have a question today (not even sure which Forum to put this in), but after poking around the LMR site for a couple of weeks, I wanted to congratulate you all on a great site with some genuinely nice & helpful members.  (Maybe if I dug deeper into older posts I'd discover the seedy underbelly of LMR, but I won't go there yet.)

I'm planning on building a couple of the StartHere bots this summer with my young girls - sort of a stay-at-home summer camp for them.  Perhaps I'll post our adventures when we get to that project.  Until then I'm working on a weather station / turf-monitoring system.  I was building it around a USB DAQ card, but now I'm going to re-think that design and put a Arduino at the heart of the project.  I don't know if such a project qualifies as a 'robot' on this site.

Thanks again to everyone who has obviously put a lot of work into this site.



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It always cool to encourage youth to DIY and learn from experience. When you have something not robot and and post it under "something else". Looking forward to see your works here! Good luck~

Welcome, and please do post about your efforts. We'll all look forward to seeing them!

A quick read of the Rules will help you know where/when to post robots. There's plenty of other guidance on the site as well.