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Just a blog for the OscarMobile build.

When Oddbot left Australia for his robot building job in China, I was lucky enough to score his collection that he couldn't take along with him. Included in this collection was the makings of a kickarse robot, named boozebot. Now after a couple of years, my wife and I have a son, and in a couple of years he's going to need a way to get around (walkings OK and all, but not much fun). So I'm using the base of OB's robot to make the OscarMobile:


The base is driven by two scooter motors from here 

Speed controller also from here 

As the motors are 24V, two sealed lead acid batteries will be the main power. Controlling the OscarMobile will be a picaxe 28x1, using levers as controls:



















Next to each lever will be a speed display, these displays have red/green leds driven by a 5451 driver, with an 08M providing the data. The main 28X1 will send the lever position to the 08M via serial with no error checking (ran out of memory on the 08).




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The lights will be very nice touch when your son takes it to "warp" speed to fetch you a beer.. as OddBot said a remote speed control might be good ... or at least a helmet ..

There will be a locked panel hiding some speed limiting pots or somesuch. Also edge detection, I don't think it would travel well down stairs. From the RPM of the motor, and sizes of the belt cogs I expect it will do 1.8M/Sec (around 6Km/h) top speed, which when I'm drunk is gonna be fun but a little fast for the kiddies.

I think you need to get a video of this in action and move it to the "Something Else" category.

Still a heap of work to go before it's ready for a video but I'll be sure to keep practising getting drunk in the meantime. Thanks agian for the base, it will be just the right size.



I'm really glad to see that base being used. I spent a lot of time weilding and grinding those mounts for the scooter motors. I never got to test it but it should be fairly rugged.

I also attempted to make quadrature encoders from laptop trackballs which are fitted on the motor drive shafts. They seemed to work at the time. Because it's heavy and can get a fair bit of speed up you might need to add a parental speed limiter and some object detection sensors so your little fellow doesn't go through the wall.

The boozebot returns! I was just looking through that old post of OddBot's a month or so ago.

I'm glad to see someone is making use of that stuff. Very cool.

Congrats on your son and I hope he enjoys the OscarMobile as much as you enjoy making it. Be sure to update!