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Herr Mimik

Listens and speaks, moves its hand and animated head

Herr Mimik is a table robot which consists of a single 5DOF robot hand and an animated head. So far I've built the hand and parts of the head. The hand is also used as a studying object for the MAAHR project.










Construction of the hand


The eyes are vertical and horizontal moveable. A nose will be added, maybe with a CO2 gas detector to detect human breath.

The animated mouth will be something like that.

I did some first experiments with the speakjet chip. The schematic is as following:

The two jumpers are used to change the baud rate by changing the logical states of pin M0/M1 and sending the serial sync character (hex 55, dec 85) at desired baud rate.  Around 1400 words in decimal format can be found here. The complete decimal code of one word is composed of:

20, [volume], 21, [speed], 22, [pitch], 23, [bend], [word code].

The volume can have a value of 0-127, the speed a value of 0-127, the pitch a value of 0-255 and the bend a value of 0-15.

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Polymorph is fantastic stuff for prototyping. Just check out all of Gareth's workshops on it. It is completely re-usable so if you make a mistake you can just put it back in hot water or a microwave.

Ok, that's clear, but how often can you bent it? Can you make flexible joints for long time use with it?

Here's a direct link to the polymorph masters workshop

Here's another who's done the same in excruciating detail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4eqDfGJDGg


Polymorph is similar to nylon when solid. The polymorph hand is holding up pretty well. No signs of the joints weakening. It all depends on the width and thickness of the joints.

Looks like your going for a "Right Grip" there Markus courtesy of an opposible(!) thumb.


That hand looks awesome! Great work. 

Interesting and sharp looking design! - look forward to the video.  You inspired me to check out the price on the SG5010 servos and at $5 including shipping from Hobbypartz I decided to pick up eight of them - hope they are good performers :)

They are performing very well and they have two bearings btw.

Will you need springs on the knuckles, or is there enough tinsel strength in the ties to push the finger back when needed?