Let's Make Robots!


Just ordered the following:

Arduino UNO, Arduino xbee shield, 2x xbee 1mw, Sharp IR-sensor, 2 joysticks!

And I can't wait for it to arrive :D

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Arduino is a great controller, I'm sure you will have lots of fun with it.

I attached an Arduino controller to an RC car a few years ago. Speed of the vehicle was the main challenge. Next to an IR-sendor you might want to look at ultrasound sensors as well.

Have a look at http://megabotblog.blogspot.com/search?q=hummbot for more info on my attempts.

Have fun!

But my savings account said no :(

You need a breakout board for the xbee on the robot side!! --Xbees have a funny pin layout (1mm, not .1") and is not breadboard/std pcb friendly.  If you can catch the order, add a breakout board for the other xbee.


The arduino + xbee shield will be on the robot-side, the remote side will be hard-wired (remote will be multi-purpose, no need to disassemble it later and I'm quite sure my electronics store around the corner has 2mm female headers which fit the arduino. If not, well, I'll have a bit of a problem, I can't alter the order :/

Looks like someone is going to make a custom xBee remote...

I'm building an RC-car which interrupts user input if it's about to crash... I'm just hoping that the IR-sensor is accurate, fast enough for my car + I hope it will work outside in the sunlight too...