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Question about cheap high torque servos

Hello LMR,

I have got some ideas for a bipedal bot, thus I need servos, that would provide some lifting capabilities. The most important thing for me is the price, since I could not afford a servo, that costs more than $10 (and even then I will eventually have to find a summer job and work my ass off to complete the project). I've managed to narrow the list to two servos : MG995 and HXT12k. However, as I can see from reviews, they lack quality, A LOT. 

So I would like to hear any thoughts about these models from you guys and any related suggestions would be appreciated as well.

Also, as I can see, these servos pull some current, therefore I am wondering if such a thing as SD21 with picaxe 18m2 fitted in would handle the high currents and work without any problems? Thanks ;)

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I'm not sure how you plan to use those servos but you should avoid having them take the full weight of the robot (at least not all the time) that way you can use lower power servos or the large servos won't draw that much power.