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Picaxe 28 circiut board robot

I am trying to make the robot in the start here section.  The motors work when I hold the wires to batteries but when I try to attach them to the board they don't work.  I have followed the instructions carefully and soldered the wires to the pins (as I don't have connecters).  I have tried several times and am still stuck.  This robot is for a school project and has to be ready in two days.  I really don't know what to do can anyone help?


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Rather than zooming in move the camera closer to the board manually. using zoom at all will make your photos blurrier than without zoom.

And if you havent gotten it to the programming stage does this mean you havent even programmed the motors to turn at all because you will need to do that

this is a little confusing:

I havent managed to get it to the programming stage yet.

So, did you upload any program at all to your 28x1?

Ok, It's the robot in the Start here section. The two wires from one motor go to A and the two from the other motor go to B, thought at first it was my solder, so i re-soldered but that didnt work. It works when the wires are just held to the battery thing but not when they've been soldered to the pins and into the board.

The pictures aren't very good as it just goes blurry

Can you take a picture of your board and attach it here? And give us a bit more information on your setup.

Indeed. Please make sure your pictures are well lit and in focus, and that your description of your set up is very clear.

We can help best if you give us good info.

Thanks, I've uploaded the photos in another comment (me being a numpty didn't twig to reply to the comment!)

They're the best I can get them in focus with you still being able to see whats going on.