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FEZ mini robot kit

I'm a new here. This looks like a great site to get some assistance during my robotics journey.

Yesterday I ordered the FEZ mini robot kit which allows me to build a small two wheel robot and program it with .NET/C#. I have been playing with Arduino bots a few years back, but being a .NET developer for many years, I'm looking forward to be able to move a familiar programming environment.

I will keep you updated once the mail-order arrives.

For more info see my blog: http://megabotblog.blogspot.com/

Cheers, Rinie

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Glad to have you with us :)


FEZ rocks. You're welcome. Geir and I have some experience with FEZ boards. Feel free to ask. Here are some projects using FEZ devices:


Thanks a lot. Your FEZ projects look great. Good to know that there are some experienced FEZ builders around!

Hopefully it will be here soon because I am getting it at quite a discount.:-)  I thought I was just getting just the Mini board, but today I found out it will have the robot underneath it, still in unassenbled kit form, yahoo!

I would take a glance at: http://dvanderboom.wordpress.com/category/robotics/ because this guy took the programs in the PDF manual, messed with them and put them into a single (very nice!) program.

A word from a friend is that it uses 4 penlight cells for power. My friend said that the hardware power regulation system lets it run until the batteries are very low! He doesn't have a Mini, (his uses a different processor module running "Logo") but from the module down it is all the same. ("Turtles, all the way down.") Please forgive my terrible attempt at humor.

Welcome to LMR! 

I am not doing well in my learning C# or .net (or the FEZ mini) so I will start out using a Arduno wired to the FEZ Mini socket.

When I compile for Netuino, no problems. When I compile the same program for the FEZ I get very strange error messages. Problem is the robot uses a FEZ Mini and not a Netduino....

So the FEZ Mini goes on a protoboard and I can try stuff with it that way.

If anyone else out there is learning about the FEZ I wish you the best of luck!!!!

One thing I can tell you for sure is that entering the .net Micro Framework is a scary experience! :-)  I am compiling programs to run on the new robot and I am not at all sure they will actually run on real hardware.

(Highly obscure error messages are a few of things that make me reallly concerned.,,,)

I am "just a newbie" when it comes to .net and C# and that doesn't help, (But we all have to start out someplace!)

I am sure that once I see the robot run a few programs from the FEZ Mini it will be a LOT bettter.