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"Jar of Fireflies" part 2 - Enter the "No.10"

Second FireFly is in the Jar........ code named "No.10"

Disassembled Green version.

1 UV LED and 2 caps = 6 legs ....... one set of 3 is the positive and other set of 3 is the negative )-:so it can not cross its legs :-(

Glow PolyMorph Ultra-Violet LED body has a bit more "Organic-ness" to it now........

Yes they are both "Real" ....... !!!! ...Stand-off ....may the better creature win.....

Here is his other Friend ..... Codenamed "Blue224"

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Cool stuff Gareth. I love the picture with the pigeon :-).

One pigeon is ok however.....when the other three pigeons land then i guess that "No.10" will have to take cover.